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Monday, June 4, 2007

Hello from The Hague!

Hey team!
It's been a crazy and hectic, but very good start to the CITES meeting. I met with Mr. Sovaki (Fijian delegate) yesterday and he will be joining us at the cocktail party tomorrow, which is good news. Julia spoke with some of the Italians, and it looks like their position may be more flexible than we had feared. Spent all day yesterday with Ellen Pikitch, and our hotels are literally across the street from the beach, so we enjoyed the Promenade in between meetings.
We've had a somewhat crazy morning so far (at one point I was literally running down the marketplace with my laptop trying to find an outlet before it died - yes, I got down to "1 minute remaining" on my battery before I managed to plug in), but are in great shape.

We are off to go deposit our invitations and stuff some envelopes and press kits!

1 comment:

Va Rarabici said...

Hi Liz,

Its great to know that things are going on great back there. Am glad that Mr Sovaki made it. When u get to talk to him, tell him that he is such a hard man to meet (just kidding!!!) ..
Could you get a few quotes from him on Fiji's stand on the coral issue and email me to add to a story for publication? Please let me know if that is possible..
All the best with the conference.